Both sound management and strong leadership skills are required to effectively support business goals; focus and develop your staff; and continue self-progression in your chosen area. These workshops cover a variety of relevant subject areas focussing on the practical development of key slkills.

All of our workshops can be delivered in-house and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. If you are interested in a specific topic area you can browse for a workshop using the categories below or contact us for further information.

The New Supervisor

This workshop is for people new to the role of supervisor. Attendees will gain an understanding of what is expected of their role as supervisor and how to manage confidently and achieve the goals and targets set out for groups. This practical two day workshop develops skills in leading and supervising small or large groups.

Topics covered include:

  • Leadership styles and behaviours
  • Effective delegation
  • Influencing skills
  • Managing performance
  • Providing feedback

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Innovation Skills for the Public Service

This one day ‘hands-on’ ‘minds-on’ workshop for leaders, presented by Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw, will show you how to take or administer ‘baby steps’ to innovation. This workshop uses many examples of real innovations within the public sector that have achieved this.

Topics covered include:

  • Techniques to generate ideas
  • Explore emerging solutions
  • Evaluate potential outcomes
  • Think strategically
  • Develop a mindset of innovation
  • Initiate & sustain evolutionary innovation
  • Help create a climate of innovation

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Building a Better Team

Assigning the wrong person to a task, ignoring important tasks or failing to resolve conflict can have costly consequences. The Team Management Profile is a personalised report which gives individuals insights into the way they prefer to work and their preferred role within a team.This in-house workshop is designed for work groups or teams and provides participants with an opportunity to receive individual feedback that assesses their work role within the context of the team and provides feedback to improve workking relationships.

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Manager & EA Productivity Program

Are you and your Executive Assistant working together as effectively as possible? Acorn’s new program will assist managers and their executive assistants in working together as optimally as possible. Using good time management techniques and the features of Outlook 2003/2007/2010 our multi-step process will help you better understand the roles of manager and EA in productively working together, the role of good time management in planning your work week, save you time and help you better use the functions of Outlook.

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Other Courses you may find of interest:

Some of our other courses may also help you enhance your management and leadership skills. Consider these examples from our other course areas:

Writing Skills Courses:

Report and Ministerial Writing

This workshop is designed to help public servants gain the skills and confidence to conquer the challenges of ministerial and report writing.

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Career and Personal Development Courses:

Develop Unlimited Confidence

This workshop is designed to help participants improve and strengthen all areas of confidence.

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Communication Skills Courses:

Communication & Negotiation Skills

Everyone negotiates. Everyone communicates with colleagues, customers and clients. Effective negotiators get a better outcome for themselves and their organisation.

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Presenting Complex Content Clearly

This workshop will help you discover how to communicate with clarity, engage your audience and be comprehensible and memorable.

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Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills is a practical one day workshop that provides you with the tools and techniques to become an influential, confident and persuasive communicator!

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Project Management Courses:

Fundamentals of Project Management

This one day workshop introduces participants to the basic concepts of project management. In this workshop attendees will be introduced to project management concepts and Microsoft Project will be used to demonstrate aspects of a project management software application.

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Customer Service Courses:

Customer Service for Frontline Managers

This is a practical program, encompassing the theories of Dr Karl Albrecht (a leading customer service guru) which focuses on ways to improve the quality of service provided to internal and external customers. You will learn a five step process to help you motivate your team, measure performance and understand how to go about continuous improvement from a customer perspective.

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Conflict Resolution

The ability to deal with difficult people and resolve conflict will make you feel more in control and less stressed. This workshop is designed to extend participants’ awareness and understanding of the issues involved in managing conflict and in particular dealing with difficult people.

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