Hi All 

Writing Skills Coaching for Individuals 

Acorn had been concentrating on Writing Skills training for many years now – we have run hundreds of workshops since we began in 1993.  Most of those workshops were for groups from one agency of public workshops for individuals from anywhere.  They were all equally successful in helping people improve their English and assisting them to perform their tasks and roles more effectively.  As I’m sure you all agree being better at English is critical for any role – especially in the APS.   

We have always provided individual coaching where required but recently we have seen an increase in the demand for this service.  With the tools now  available it’s  becoming easier to help people learn from home or at their desk.  We can assist in many ways but normally we provide the following services; 

  • Reviewing existing documentation 
  • Helping to identify areas for improvement 
  • Editing and proofreading 
  • Developing templates 
  • Improving spelling, grammar and punctuation 
  • Assisting with CVs and Selection criteria 
  • Any other areas you need. 

We are available at short notice to help in any way.  We have a number of consultants who can assist – we can find the best one for your particular circumstances.  Our rates are reasonable – either per hour or for longer assignments we can provide a quotation. 

Call John on 0419298012 to get the ball rolling.