Project Management is an increasingly in-demand skill at all levels. Acorn’s Project Management training removes vendor-specificity and lock-step methodology thinking and provides sound, practical, high-value training in the concepts, discipline and practices of effective Project Management.

All of our workshops can be delivered in-house and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. If you are interested in a specific topic area you can browse for a workshop using the categories below or contact us for further information.

Fundamentals of Project Management

This one day workshop introduces participants to the basic concepts of project management. In this workshop attendees will be introduced to project management concepts and Microsoft Project will be used to demonstrate aspects of a project management software application.

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Productiv_IT with Outlook 2003/07/10/13 for Project Teams

Productiv_IT with Outlook for Project Teams is a one-day program for project managers or those who are involved in project administration. This program combines good time management practices and modern technology for people who need to control the tasks and delegations involved in small to medium projects. We show you how to set up Outlook to manage your job productively and how to stay on top of the project tasks that come across your desk.

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Productiv_IT with MS Project 2003/07/10/13

This two day workshop introduces participants to some basic concepts of project management, and presents the range of features available in Microsoft Project to assist in the management of a project. We aim to show the learner how to use Microsoft Project to help manage a large range of projects from small to large scale. This workshop is valuable to anyone who is required to use Microsoft Project to develop a schedule of activities for a project. Attendees will learn how to efficiently plan, manage and optimise resources to achieve their project goals.

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